Cookie Policy

We focus on safeguarding the information of our customers in everything we do. In order to accomplish this, our website does not use any cookies that will have individually recognizable information. However, we make use of the cookies that assist in making your visits more efficient.

Cookies are small text messages passed by the web server to your browser while visiting the sites on the internet. They act as a useful source of information for your organizations, as it saves your time by preventing the re-entry of information for each visit of the page and ensures to provide the most appropriate information from Airysoft. Cookies let us evaluate the way the customer interacts with the website, thereby facilitating the process of enhancing the website.

Airysoft uses the following three kinds of cookies

  • Session based cookies, which gets deleted following every visit.
  • Lasting cookies, which last through multiple visits to the site
  • Third party cookies, which are used by authorized partners of business

Acceptance Or Rejection Of Cookies

By visiting our website, you accept to place the cookies on your device. You can use your browser settings to block the cookies from any website. Rejection or acceptance of the cookies will affect all the users sharing the system.

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