Work Culture at AirySoft

Being # 1 in employee satisfaction doesn’t come easy. To get to that point, AirySoft has invested heavily in the past years. And it has invested the most in its employees. AirySoft had the highest percentage of employees who named their own company as a preferred one. We have always endeavored to create a work-culture that is open, positive and rewarding; where there are exciting growth opportunities for every deserving employee; where every candidate is encouraged to learn new skills on the job as well as through formal training programs.

We invest heavily in progressive HR practices. These include an employee referral scheme, which contributes one-third of our employees. You’ll also find that sports teams, bands, library committees, picnic teams, parties and cultural events involving families are an integral part of our culture. What’s more, infrastructure support through transport, cafeterias and recreation rooms come as a part and parcel of the AirySoft lifestyle.

A regular Career Development Program allows you to grow and develop in the way and at a pace that suits you best. This may be laterally (for example from operations to Quality or Training) or vertically (through accelerated promotion programs based on merit).

But it doesn’t end there. We continually review and further develop our HR strategy by reviewing the feedback from employee satisfaction surveys and by benchmarking programs through our HR partners. Full-time salaried employees receive the following benefits from the company.

Health :

Employees and their dependants are covered under company paid health and accident insurance schemes. These schemes also provide tie-ups with numbers of hospitals across the country, thus ensuring quicker accessibility, discounts and easy-pay option plans with guaranteed admission.

Life Insurance :

AirySoft provides all its employees with company paid life insurance. Paid Holidays : AirySoft observes public holidays for salaried employees apart from leaves and weekly offs.

Referral Bonus Program :

AirySoft encourages employees to refer friends and relatives whom they believe would make successful AirySoft employees. We pay existing employees a bonus for referring friends and relatives who pass 180 days of successful service.

Company Car Entitlement :

The Company provides for ‘Home-Office-Home’ conveyance along with lease and fixed allowances for fuel and vehicle maintenance for certain grades of employees. Retirement : AirySoft conforms to the statutory requirements and provides employees with the Employee Provident Fund Schemes, Employees Gratuity Benefits payable as per the provisions of the applicable acts.

Promotional Schemes and Tie-Ups :

AirySoft has arrangements with restaurants, eateries, showrooms, cellular phone service providers, Banks and financial institutions to provide its employees with special deals and discounted rates

Interaction with the Management Team :

We never forget about the value and importance of the people we work with. AirySoft has the kind of flat management structure that’s helped boost growth over the last four years and gives people at all levels the chance to meet and mix with the top management of the business – to talk, listen and learn. Our quarterly open house sessions provide a platform for staff at all levels to meet and talk. It’s an opportunity that people at all levels of the business appreciate- and benefit from. AirySoft is a winning team, in which team players are valued and developed to their full potential.

Built on Ability and Openness :

AirySoft is a business built on the ability of its people and the transparency with which we reward them. We believe that we’re open and honest with our people at all times, because that’s the best way to attract, support and develop the strongest possible talent. Our goal is to have a transparent meritocracy and to create an environment that is the best work place anywhere. Great talent comes in many different packages and we do our best to give all our people the chance to meet their aspirations – whatever they are. If you work hard and you fit in, there’s plenty of opportunity in a global business that is going places and prides itself on openly rewarding the best.

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