Mobile Development

AirySoft is a one stop shop for all mobile app design and development needs of its clients. Our goal is to help our customers transform their business through mobile technologies. Our enterprise-level mobile deployments include.

Mobile Strategy & Business Process Redesign

We provide our clients with an unparalleled mobile strategy expertise, driving engagement programs for top enterprise and consumer-facing clients. We deploy incredibly complex Enterprise-grade mobile applications and help clients come up with realistic go-to-market strategies, timelines and budgets.

Mobile Experience Design

A great user experience supplies oxygen to mobile apps and makes people come back to visit again. At AirySoft, we believe that superior applications are by nature simple, yet elegant and functional. We iterate and dig into research to understand how users will really interact with your mobile website as we work across all mobile platforms.

Native App Development

When we build for iOS, we optimize our apps for the iOS paradigm and when we build for Android, we make full use of Android’s functionality. We build apps with the DNA of the device they live on as native apps drive immersive mobile experiences.

Mobile and Responsive Web Development

Our designers and developers have extensive experience creating best-in-class web and mobile web apps. We help our clients do things like create web strategies and train their internal teams to handle the project. We will synchronize the web project with the same level of design and development features that are used for native app project.

Cloud / API Integration & Deployment

As Middleware is a critical component of a well-designed, enduring mobile program and acts as both a shield and a gatekeeper; middleware blocks users from complex systems running just below the surface of your app, and allows data from back-end systems to seamlessly pass through to the front.

Mobile Security & Compliance Management

We can handle big data, custom reporting and enhanced or industry-specific security requirements. We can also install and configure simple CMS solutions for you, and create large, custom applications from scratch. A centralized system for managing data is a key to the stability, scalability and mobile integration needed by your enterprise.

Analytics & Engagement Optimization

As more and more new apps are being added to the store daily, AirySoft has good marketing strategies to provide your app the edge it needs in today’s crowded marketplace. AirySoft by using its expertise on Data Analytics and Business Intelligence lays down a custom go-to-market strategy that propels your app into the market and creates momentum to increase the company’s revenue.

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