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Revenue Cycle Management Services domain is one of the core focus areas of AirySoft where we have deployed considerable resources. Our Healthcare BPO is an integrated delivery network backed by a team consisting of certified, highly skilled and experienced resources from relevant spheres and domains.

The key driver motivating the division is to provide simple, yet comprehensive and cost effective solutions to the healthcare industry. The RCMS domain facilitates the creation of an environment that enables the healthcare industry to focus exclusively on healthcare delivery function by simply outsourcing the support functions.

The high performance, enterprise-ready solutions offered by the RCMS wing are versatile, scalable and agile, guaranteeing high levels of transparency, accountability and efficiency.

The core team is powered by hands-on expertise in critical areas like reducing the number of days for account receivables, improving collection ratio, increasing the probability of payment etc., which are mostly multiple reimbursement models. Seamless integration of these functions to the clinical workflow is one of the most vital aspects of the delivery model. It provides invaluable support to the main functions ensuring smooth and efficient delivery of quality healthcare. All the practices adapted by the team are HIPAA compliant as a direct result of top end training imparted regularly.

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